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About the FAE Investment Committee

Committee Action Plan

Who We Are

The Committee is a group of NYSSCPA members who are experienced in the field of investment management and who monitor the investment manager in order to insure an appropriate return on the investments of the Foundation for Accounting Education (FAE). The Committee reports to the FAE Board of Trustees.

What We Do

The Committee monitors the investments of the FAE to satisfy ourselves that the investments are made in accordance with the Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives (the Statement) approved by the Trustees the FAE and that the investments achieve a reasonable amount of return. Compliance with the Statement is monitored and evaluated by procedures that include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

• Meet periodically with the Investment Manager to review the investment portfolio and results of the investment activities for compliance with the Statement. It is the intent of the Committee to meet with the Investment Manager quarterly, if possible.

• Periodically review and recommend revisions, as necessary, to the Statement, and submit those recommendations to the FAE Trustees for approval.

• Submit annual reports to the FAE Trustees indicating the degree of compliance with the Statement.

• Evaluate the performance of the Investment Manager, report on that evaluation to the FAE trustees, and, if appropriate, make recommendations to the Trustees to solicit proposals from other investment managers. Recommend to the FAE Trustees any desired changes for their approval.

• Arrange an annual meeting between the Committee, the Investment Manager and the Trustees.

Who Should Join

• Society members, with significant experience in investing in equity investments, fixed income, or both,

• Members of the FAE Trustees.