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Business Valuation


Committee Members

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Jean J. Han
Clarion Consulting Associates, LLCManhattan/Bronx
Mitchell H. Chosak
Vice Chair
FSA LLCSuffolk
Christopher D. Aglio Unknown Accounting FirmSuffolk
Jeffrey H. Bain Frankel Loughran Starr & Vallone LLP Nassau
Lorraine A. Barton Advent Valuation AdvisorsMid-Hudson
Stephen H. Berardi Mengel Metzger Barr & Company LLP Rochester
John M. Bonora Retired (no firm)Manhattan/Bronx
Richard J. Byllott Klein Liebman & Gresen LLC Suffolk
Ting-Wei Chen
The Siegfried Group LLP Manhattan/Bronx
Fred E. Chilkowitz Berdon LLP Manhattan/Bronx
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About the Business Valuation Committee

Committee Action Plan

Who We Are

The Business Valuation Committee (the Committee) serves as a resource for information on the current and evolving techniques and methodologies available for various business valuation purposes. The Committee’s mission is to cultivate, promote, disseminate knowledge and information about, and be an advocate for, our specialty designation. At the same time committee members are enabled to develop their individual professional practices using the Committee as a tool.
What We Do

The Committee sponsors a conference and other educational programs, holds technical presentations, addresses proposed accounting rules and has a technical response subcommittee   to assist members with business valuation issues.

The Committee disseminates information to CPAs, attorneys, other professionals and the general public to inform them on business valuation matters and to promote our individual practices.

Committee activities consist of the following:
• Arrange for presentations by Committee members to attorneys and other professionals.
• Prepare articles on business valuation topics for publication in The CPA Journal, The Trusted Professional, TaxStringer and other publications.
• Provide CPE sessions at committee meetings.
• Hold the Annual BV Conference.
• Prepare comment letters on pending professional pronouncements and legislation, and testify at hearings when authorized by the Society.
• Establish the following sub-committees:
   o  Presentations
   o  CPE Coordinator
   o  Annual Conference
   o  Technical Hotline
   o  Publications
   o  Comment Letters

Who Should Join

Experienced practitioners and professionals seeking entrance into the Business Valuation segment of the profession.


Committee Documents, Presentations and Articles


To view the current Committee Annual Report, please click HERE.