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About the Bankruptcy and Financial Reorganizations Committee

Bankruptcy and Financial Reorganizations
Committee Action Plan


Who We Are

The committee action plan of the Bankruptcy and Financial Reorganizations Committee is to recognize and respond to the needs of the members of the Society in all areas of accounting, auditing, taxation and consulting, in the specialized areas of bankruptcy, restructuring and workouts.

What We Do

In furtherance of its scope and mission, the committee shall:

  • Provide technical guidance to members through seminar, meetings, articles and programs,
  • Maintain a member advisory as part of the SocietyÂ?s membership consulting service, by answering written and telephonic inquiries not requiring research.
  • Review articles on technical subjects, governmental regulations and other matters related to the scope of the committee.
  • Review exposure drafts issued on matters relating to the areas within the scope of the committee and develop a proposed position on such matters.
  • Initiate the identification of emerging practice problems affecting the committee's activities, and
  • Develop and maintain liaison between the Society and industry, government and other organizations for matters within the scope of the committee.

Benefits to Society Members

  • Technical assistance for telephonic inquiries
  • CPE credit in the specialized are of Bankruptcy and Financial Reorganizations, and
  • Technical resource for the Society as a whole.