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Chapter Manhattan/Bronx Chapter - Build Your Network
1/28/2021 6:00:00 PM
Teleconference Event
Manhattan/Bronx Chapter-Q&A with a Professional Coach
1/29/2021 4:00:00 PM
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Manhattan/Bronx Chapter -5 Ways To Improve Your Productivity: Part 1
2/5/2021 4:00:00 PM
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Manhattan/Bronx Chapter -5 Ways To Improve Your Productivity: Part 2
2/12/2021 4:00:00 PM
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April 07, 2020


Carnet Brown (Chair)
Gina Goodenow
Colin Mohamed


The Nominating Committee submits the following report of nominees for election.

All Nominees have been contacted and are willing to serve as indicated.

OFFICERS (one year term expiring May 31, 2021)

President:              A’Isha Torrence, CPA
President-Elect:     Orume Hays, CPA
Vice President:      Sean Stein Smith, CPA  
Treasurer:              Fred Kosnac, CPA
Secretary:              Elysa Dauerman, CPA

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (Terms Expiring on May 31, 2021)

Rekha Chatterjee, CPA
Alex Hamabuchi, CPA
Barbara Marino, CPA
Colin Mohamed, CPA

Immediate Past President: Aaron Berson, CPA*

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (Terms Expiring on May 31, 2022)

Alan Willinger, CPA
Gary Rosen, CPA


Director, Immediate Past President: Aaron Berson, CPA

Manhattan/Bronx Chapter to Focus on Growth and Engagement

Manhattan/Bronx Chapter President

The CPA profession in the time of COVID-19—someone should write a book. Many of us are still reeling from the disruption to our lives and livelihood; however, our ability to be agile and resilient will help us lead throughout the crisis. I co-chair an industry-specific financial managers committee for an advocacy group. In the past, we met monthly; now, the committee meets weekly to discuss and interpret the rapidly issued executive orders and COVID-19 emergency regulations that could help our organizations survive this crisis. 

The unsung heroes during this time of uncertainty have been “the accountants,” partners from public accounting firms who provide financial services to organizations that support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They have been our trusted professionals, providing guidance, and often caution, as we attempt to navigate the CARES Act and emergency funding from New York state. Chief financial officers, controllers and financial analysts continue to spend countless hours revising year-end forecasts, covenant calculations and budgets, meeting with board and finance committees on a weekly basis.  Members of the NYSSCPA in public and nonpublic firms have stepped up to lead webinars and share their valuable knowledge with peers.  Without a doubt, health care and essential workers have saved lives and gone beyond the call of duty to help those who were infected with this pandemic. In order for them to continue to save lives, accountants have to be there to ensure financial and service viability, now and long into the future. Accountants are essential too!

When I understood this simple but crucial business fact of life, I made the decision to become a CPA. I had no clue about either the effort required to become a CPA or the doors it would open for me and countless others. As I embark on my term as president of the Manhattan/Bronx Chapter and contemplate the focus of my tenure, the current events remind me why I chose this profession. Now more than ever, we need more trusted and diverse professionals in every industry. I believe the CPA profession should become more tangible to someone who previously had no idea what an accountant actually does and the impact accountants have in the business and the livelihood of others.  With the help of technology, accountants can work anywhere and meet virtually. We are agile! The focus of my tenure will be to help students and those seeking a career change see the vast opportunity in accounting to support their passions and their need to effect change. We will encourage and support those interested to enter the profession of certified public accountancy, whether it is to work for a public firm or in industry. 

The Manhattan/Bronx Chapter committees are focused on the growth and engagement of current and future members. Our NextGen Committee has been very active during the quarantine period. In March, it hosted a timely virtual transition panel discussion. Engaging and knowledgeable industry professionals discussed career transition experiences, exploring both pitfalls and useful information. In April, the NextGen Committee hosted an interactive, virtual cybersecurity session: “What CPAs Need to Know.” Jovari St. Victor of Focal Point Data Rick LLC led a lively interactive discussion on cybersecurity and the latest schemes to defraud the public. On June 24, at 6 p.m., our chapter’s NextGen Committee will co-present with the Diversity and Inclusion Committee an expert panel on “How to Negotiate.” You can sign up for that event here.

For many of us who golf (I am truly a novice), we were disappointed by the closure of golf courses and the cancellation of season-opener events and fundraisers.  As New York state cautiously, and responsibly, lifts quarantine restrictions, the idea of planning the annual golf event to be held in October 2020 is a tempting thought. The Cooperation with Bankers & Other Credit Grantors Committee will resume discussions to determine if we can organize a golf event that is safe for all attendees. The net proceeds of the golf event support the Ted Wilson Scholarship, which supports accounting students.

There are many ways to effect change. Accounting is an essential, honorable and valuable profession. I would like to breathe life into the One on One Committee, which has a specific focus on high school student engagement to plant the CPA seeds to encourage college preparedness. This would involve attending Career Day events in New York City high schools and developing relationships with local youth community centers in the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx. There will be more opportunities to participate in virtual events as school openings slowly evolve. 

The Manhattan/Bronx Chapter’s Promoting CPA Careers Committee’s mission is to encourage young people to become CPAs. The committee planned to host two Career Day events, in May and November, during which professionals from various practice areas would speak to students and introduce them to the many career opportunities that exist in the CPA profession. Because of pandemic-driven school closures, the May event was canceled. We will seek creative opportunities to engage students in the fall. 

The heart of the chapter is membership engagement and recruitment. There are a number of events scheduled later in the year. We are hoping to coordinate a welcome back social event when in-person events are allowed.  Stay tuned.

Thank you to the board and members of the Manhattan/Bronx Chapter for your dedication. I look forward to serving with you and Orumé Hays, our president-elect.




A'Isha Torrence_ManhattanBronx
The presiding President of the Manhattan/Bronx Chapter is A'isha Torrence.
Chartered June 1, 2001, this chapter encompasses the Bronx and Manhattan.

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