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Calendar of a Typical Year

The fiscal year of the Society and the chapters begins on June 1 of one year and ends on May 31 of the following year. However, the work of a newly elected chapter president and his or her administration may be considered as beginning on the day he or she is elected, and as ending during the month of June following the close of his or her fiscal year in office. The optimum chronology may be illustrated with the following sample calendar of a typical chapter year. 


Mailing: Sent to chapter members, soliciting request for appointment to Chapter committees for the following fiscal year.


Meeting: Election of a Nominating Committee in accordance with Article V1 of the bylaws (two months before scheduling the April annual meeting). Meeting could include a guest speaker on a significant topic.


Mailing/e-mail: Nominating Committee’s list of nominations for officers and chapter board members to be elected at the annual meeting in April. The nominations should be mailed to all members by the secretary, in accordance with Article VI of the bylaws.

Town Hall Meeting: Confirm date with NYSSCPA staff for the Chapter Town Hall meeting to be held in the fall.

Organizational Meeting: Confirm date with NYSSCPA staff for Organizational meeting to be held in May or June.


Meeting: Election of officers and chapter board members for the fiscal year beginning June 1, in accordance with Article VI of the bylaws. Invite guest speaker.

Appointments: President-elect appoints members of committees, holds preliminary meetings with officers-elect, chapter board, and committees, and plans chapter activities and meetings for the coming year.

Secretary: List of chapter officers, Executive Board members, and chapter committee chairpersons submitted to the Society.

(Fiscal year-end)

Chapter Executive Board organizational meeting: Programs of proposed activities for the current fiscal year are submitted by various committees to reaffirm CPE commitments made the previous fall. Committees should present any additional and insure all events are included in the budget.

Annual Election: Meeting and dinner.

Dinner meeting: Invite faculty members and senior class honor students in accounting from the local universities and local colleges as guests of the chapter. Features may include a presentation of chapter achievement awards and certificates to students; presentation of NYSSCPA Scholarship winners or new NYSSCPA members may be given their membership certificate. Guest speaker on the future of the profession may be included.

(New Fiscal year begins)

Reports: Filed no later than June 15th as follows:

  • President’s report of the chapter’s activities during the preceding fiscal year—filed with the Board of Directors of the Society and the Director of Member Relations.
  • Annual Report by each committee of the chapter to the Chapter Executive Board—filed with the chapter secretary.


August /September

EMail printed calendar to all chapter members setting forth the chapter meetings planned for the year, including the date, subject, speaker, and location. In addition, an appropriate reminder notice should be emailed to each member shortly before each meeting.

Governance Forum – Society leadership convenes to discuss governance and other topics. The President Elect Workshop


Town Hall Meetings


Awards: Begin discussing candidates for Society awards.
Begin discussing choice of Chapter Directors (where applicable).


Budget: Submitted to Society office.

Awards: Submit names of candidates for Chapter Director (where applicable).
Submit applications for Society awards.