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Chapter Suffolk Chapter - ARPA COBRA Subsidy Updates Webinar
6/29/2021 8:00:00 AM
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Chapter President’s Message

By Kenneth Laks
Suffolk Chapter President

I hope everyone is having a smooth busy season, although there are wrinkles with COVID and the recent one month extension to May 17, 2021 for personal returns at the Federal level. I do believe this is far better than last year’s extension into July but, of course, with the states not signed on and estimates still due, it is hard to see a clear improvement. I think that most will take the path of continuing to forge ahead, get things done by April 15 and just defer payment for those that owe until May 17.

Those of us faced with getting extended business entities done along with the personals is a daunting task. I have always been told that to make busy season a little less daunting try to incorporate the following:

1) Try to eat healthy. As with anything else, what you put into your body will dictate how you feel. I am completely aware of the need at 12 midnight to grab a candy bar to give you the energy to stay up a little longer to work. But try a piece of fruit as that will give you better and longer lasting energy without the crash from the sugar rush wearing off.

2) Get as much sleep as you can. We all have days that stretch longer than we expect, but try to balance. If you stay up late working one day, try to dial back a little the next day, as the only thing sleep deprivation will get you is imbalance and cause mistakes. A client will not thank you if you stayed up all night to get his/her return done if it is not correct.

3) Try to exercise every day. Whatever little it may be will help you greatly.

4) Plan for days off right after the deadline. Even if it’s doing nothing, look forward to staying in bed and sleeping or a good movie or whatever your pleasure.

Based on the experts I think we can all see a light to the end of this terrible pandemic and with diligence and patience we will all get through this together. I wish you all a speedy end and good luck with the rest of busy season.

Kenneth Laks, Suffolk Chapter President 

William Huether - Suffolk
The presiding President of the Suffolk Chapter is William Huether.
Chartered June 27, 1971, this chapter encompasses the county of Suffolk.

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