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100% Membership Program FAQs

Q. Which firms or businesses are eligible for the 100% Membership Program?

A. All types of firms, businesses or organizations with offices in New York that employ New York CPAs are eligible, including CPA firms, sole practitioners, private and public companies, Big Four accounting firms, nonprofits, local governments, state governmental departments, and universities.

Q. Is there a fee?

A. No. There is no fee to enroll.

Q. What are the criteria for inclusion?

A. All New York CPA employees and partners on staff in the organization’s New York offices must be enrolled as members in the NYSSCPA.

Q. Why should I do it?

A. Partcipation gets the attention of your clients, gives you a competitive edge, and helps grow your business.

Q. My organization only employs one or two CPAs. Is there a minimum number of CPAs required for eligibility?

A. No. Everyone is welcome.

Q. My organization has offices in multiple states. Are we eligible for inclusion?

A. Yes. Only CPAs in your New York offices are required to be NYSSCPA members in order for your organization to be eligible.

Q. How do I enroll?

A. Contact Will Titus at 212-719-8300 or wtitus@nysscpa.org.