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Stewart Berger
Firm: Prager Metis CPAs LLC

Stewart Berger, CPA, Tax Director, Prager Metis CPAs, LLC, is a Director in the Tax and Advisory Service Departments of Prager Metis CPAs, LLC. Stewart has over 30 years of accounting experience providing tax and estate services to corporations and high-net-worth individuals. Stewart spends much of his time working with the NYSSCPAs committees, including the Closely Held and Flow-Through Entities, and S Corporation Committee. Stewart also co-authored a chapter in the Handbook of Budgeting, Sixth Edition published by John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Past Events

Closely Held and Flow-Through Entities Conference
FAE Learning Center
Nov 14, 2018
Closely Held and Flow-Through Entities Conference Webcast
Web Event
Nov 14, 2018