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Alexander Anastasi
Firm: Senior Health Plan Specialists Inc.

Al is a licensed Life & Health broker with Senior Health Plan Specialists, focusing on the senior market, primarily Medicare. He functions as an educator and advisor to seniors and other Medicare-eligible individuals helping them to navigate a very complex and confusing system. Al is also a resource for Human Resources professionals to assist them in proactively advising employees and their family members who are aging into or otherwise becoming eligible for Medicare. Medicare planning for most people ideally should start a minimum of 6 months prior to eligibility - generally age 65. However, with over 10,000 people turning 65 every day for the next 12 years the market is underserved with the necessary expertise to help seniors wade through the flood of information and misinformation that is coming their way through every media channel. Al’s job is to educate in a group environment and ultimately work one-on-one with each person, helping them understand the available options so they can make the right coverage decisions for their individual needs and budget. Once enrolled, his clients have access to him for on-going questions and support including annual reviews of their coverage. As for prior experience Al has over 18 years of experience in the PEO (Professional Employer Organization) industry where he developed a deep understanding of the group health insurance market and has numerous contacts at all levels in the industry. Several years ago AI saw the opportunity and need that existed in the senior market and became certified to sell Medicare supplemental products which he did on a part-time basis until August of 2019 when he retired from Alcott HR to be able to work full-time on his Medicare business. Al is licensed in NY, NJ, FL & PA and works throughout the downstate NY area.

Past Events

Suffolk Chapter - Navigating Medicare - What You Need to Know When Enrolling Teleconference
Teleconference Event
Nov 02, 2020