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How do I register for a course using FAE VP?

  • Online--Register for a course online and enter your FAE VP number on the Carts page

  • By phone--Call FAE customer service at 800-537-3635 and provide your FAE VP number 

  • Enter your FAE VP number on a registration form and mail or fax it to us.

Which courses are eligible for use with a FAE VP? 

All FAE conferences, seminars, conference webcasts, seminar webcasts. All FAE VP–eligible courses are marked with the FAE VP icon. When you see this icon, it means you can register for the course using your FAE VP. New FAE VP–eligible courses are added regularly.

Is a FAE VP transferable?

No, a FAE VP can only be used by the purchasing individual or purchasing firm and cannot be transferred to another individual for use. The FAE VP number is owned by the purchaser. If a company or organization pays for a member’s Individual FAE VP who subsequently leaves the company, the remaining credits on the FAE VP may be transferred to another individual within the firm with no penalty.

If I don’t have enough credits left on my FAE VP to register for a course, what can I do? For example, what if I have 2 credits remaining on my FAE VP and want to register for a 4-credit course?

If you try to register for a course that has more credits than are available on your FAE VP, you will receive a discount on the full price of the course, based on what percentage of the credits you have left. In the example given, since your FAE VP has 50% of the credits for the course remaining, you would only need to pay 50% of the full price of the course. You would also use the remaining 2 credits on your FAE VP.

When do I need to register for a course using a FAE VP?

You can register for a FAE VP–eligible course using your FAE VP number until the day before an event. However, we encourage you register early to ensure your seat is reserved.