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Key Contact Program FAQs

Q: What is a NYSSCPA Key Contact? 

A: A Key Contact is a NYSSCPA member that has identified him/herself as someone that has either a personal or business connection with a legislator or political party official in New York State.

Q: Why are you asking for this information?

A: By compiling this information, the NYSSCPA is able to more effectively advocate for Society issues in Albany to ensure CPAs are protected from overly burdensome or misdirected legislation or new regulations. When this type of legislation is proposed or officially introduced, the NYSSCPA determines who the primary sponsors of the bill are. With a robust member-supported Key Contact Program, the NYSSCPA can than utilize those connections to open the flow of communication with the relevant lawmakers or state officials so that we may get our point of view across more effectively.

Q: I am already very busy, how much time do I have to devote to this?

A: Unlike committee, chapter or board service, the NYSSCPA Key Contact program is completely voluntary in terms of how much of a time commitment you are willing to devote to professional advocacy. All we ask is that you fill out the form online with as much information as you are willing to submit and be willing to receive periodic calls or e-mails with requests for support. If you are unable to assist us when we reach out to you, just let us know and we will move on to another member.

Q: I don’t have any political connections, but I still want to get involved in the NYSSCPA’s grassroots political advocacy program. Should I still fill out the form?

A: Yes. Even if you don’t have political connections, the NYSSCPA is always looking for members who are willing to help out our grassroots political advocacy efforts. Just let us know what state Senate and Assembly district you live in and we will add you to a roster of members that have indicated to us they are willing to assist in our advocacy efforts. To look up your district, click here.

Q: What if I don’t feel comfortable advocating for a specific issue or connecting with my contact at the time the NYSSCPA would make such a request?

A: If you have any issues with a request from the NYSSCPA through its Key Contact program, simply let us know and we will move on to another member. The NYSSCPA will never force or pressure you into reaching out to a Key Contact if you do not wish to get involved in a specific issue.

Q: What if my connection is only at the town/county level? Should I still participate in the program?

A: Absolutely. Many members of the state legislature got their start on town and county governing boards. Every year our Key Contact database is updated, and we track those connections through their political careers.    

Q: What if I am politically involved in my community but I don’t necessarily want to publicize this information?

A: The information gathered in the Key Contact program will never be made public or be shared/sold to any third parties. If at any time you want your information removed from our database, simply let us know and you will be taken out of the program.