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Official 2013–2014 Nominating Committee Report

January 18, 2013

The 2013–2014 Nominating Committee has submitted the following report:

OFFICERS: to hold office for one year, from June 1, 2014:

Scott M. Adair automatically succeeds J. Michael Kirkland as President in accordance with Article VIII, Paragraph 5 of the Bylaws.


Joseph M. Falbo, Jr.

Tronconi Segarra & Associates LLP

to succeed

Scott M. Adair

Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority

Vice Presidents

Harold L. Deiters III
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP
to succeed Ian J. Benjamin
McGladrey LLP

Timothy P. Hedley

to succeed

Adrian P. Fitzsimons
St. John’s University

Scott D. Hosler
Bonadio & Co., LLP. 

to succeed

Barbara A. Marino
The Hackett Group Inc.

Cynthia A. Scarinci
College of Staten Island (CUNY)

to succeed

Warren Ruppel
Marks Paneth & Shron LLP

F. Michael Zovistoski

to succeed

F. Michael Zovistoski

DIRECTORS-AT-LARGE: to hold office for three years, beginning, June 1, 2014:

Jan C. Herringer
to succeed Shari E. Berk
S. E. Berk & Associates P.A.

Kevin Matz
Kevin Matz & Associates PLLC 

to succeed

Kevin Matz
Kevin Matz & Associates PLLC
[Kevin Matz was elected by the Board of Directors on June 3, 2013, to fill the vacancy in the term of Domenick J. Esposito, which ends on May 31, 2014]

Jean G. Joseph
Joseph Tax & Consulting Services LLC 
to succeed Timothy P. Hedley

M. Jacob Renick
M. J. Renick & Associates LLC

to succeed

Elliot A. Lesser
Berdon LLP

Warren Ruppel
Marks Paneth & Shron LLP

to succeed

Michael F. Rosenblatt 
The Quest Organization

DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE: to serve the remaining one year of Harold L. Deiter III’s term (should he be elected to the position of Vice President) from June 1, 2014:

Peter H. Frank
Cornick, Garber & Sandler, LLP
to succeed Harold L. Deiters III
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP

DIRECTORS AS CHAPTER REPRESENTATIVES: to hold office for three years, from June 1, 2014:

Jacqueline E. Miller
Pinto, Mucenski, Hooper, VanHouse, & Co.
to succeed

Douglas L. Hoffman
Dragon Benware CPAs, P.C. 

Elizabeth A. Haynie
Katz, Bernstein & Katz, LLP
to succeed

Eric M. Kramer
Farrell Fritz, P.C.


David G. Young
Young & Company CPAs, LLP

to succeed Steven M. Morse
Rochester Institute of Technology
Staten Island:
Rosemarie Giovinazzo-Barnickel
Rosemarie Giovinazzo-Barnickel, CPA
to succeed Cynthia A. Scarinci
College of Staten Island (CUNY)
Paul E. Becht
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP 
to succeed John Shillingsford
Albrecht, Viggiano, Zureck & Company, P.C.

DIRECTOR AS CHAPTER REPRESENTATIVE: to hold office for two years, from June 1, 2014:

to succeed Scott D. Hosler
Bonadio & Co., LLP
[Should he be elected to the position of vice president]

All of the nominees have consented to serve if elected.

J. Michael Kirkland automatically becomes Director for one year as Immediate Past President in accordance with Article VI, Paragraph 1 of the Bylaws. Article VI, Paragraph 1, of the Bylaws.

DIRECTORS (provided the above nominees are duly elected)

Terms expiring in 2015:

Anthony T. Abboud, Firley, Moran, Freer & Eassa, CPA, P.C.
William Aiken, Retired 
Gregory J. Altman, Somerset Production Company, LLC
Barbara E. Bel, O’Connor Davies, LLP 
Christopher G. Cahill, Deloitte & Touche LLP
Harold L. Deiters, Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP
Peter H. Frank, Cornick, Garber & Sandler, LLP
Timothy P. Hedley, KPMG LLP
Scott D. Hosler, Bonadio & Co., LLP
Scott M. Hotalen, Vieira & Associates, CPAs, P.C.
J. Michael Kirkland, Deutsche Bank AG 
Arthur J. Roth, Retired
Cynthia A. Scarinci, College of Staten Island (CUNY)
Yen D. Tran, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Richard T. Van Osten, Ernst & Young LLP
F. Michael Zovistoski, UHY LLP

Terms expiring in 2016:

Scott M. Adair, Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority
Anthony S. Chan, Sino-Global Shipping America, Ltd.
Jack F. Craven, John F. Craven, CPA, LLC 
Michael E. Milisits, Hunter Group CPA LLC
Barbara L. Montour, Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe
Stephen T. Surace, Adjusters International, Inc.
Tracy D. Tarsio, Day Seckler LLP
Mark Ulrich, St. John’s University
Beth van Bladel, EYP Architecture & Engineering, P.C.
Mark Weg, Daszkowski, Tompkins, Weg & Carbonella, P.C.

Terms expiring in 2017:

Paul E. Becht, Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP
Rosemarie Giovinazzo-Barnickel, Rosemarie Giovinazzo-Barnickel, CPA
Joseph M. Falbo, Jr., Tronconi Segarra & Associates LLP
Elizabeth A. Haynie, Katz, Bernstein & Katz, LLP
Jan C. Herringer, BDO USA, LLP
Jean G. Joseph, Joseph Tax & Consulting Services LLC 
Kevin Matz, Kevin Matz & Associates PLLC 
Jacqueline E. Miller, Pinto, Mucenski, Hooper, VanHouse, & Co.
M. Jacob Renick, M. J. Renick & Associates LLC
Warren Ruppel, Marks Paneth & Shron LLP
David G. Young, Young & Company CPAs, LLP 

Respectfully submitted,
2013–2014 Nominating Committee

Ann Burstein Cohen (Chair)
Anthony T. Abboud
Cynthia D. Barry 
Arthur Bloom
Christopher G. Cahill
Scott M. Cheslowitz
Sherry L. DelleBovi
Barbara S. Dwyer 
Stuart Kessler 
Mark L. Meinberg 
Raynard Zollo

NYSSCPA 2014–2015 Board nominations announced

BY F. Michael Zovistoski
NYSSCPA Secretary/Treasurer

The 2013–2014 NYSSCPA Nominating Committee met on Jan. 9 to decide its nominations for Society officers for the 2014–2015 fiscal year and for NYSSCPA Board of Directors members, with terms beginning June 1, 2014. (The formal report is reprinted in the February issue of The Trusted Professional on page 3, and the service record of all nominees is reprinted on pages 4 and 5.)

In accordance with the Society’s Bylaws, the nominating committee report was emailed to Society members—who provided email addresses to the Society—by Feb. 3, and was posted to the nomination center on the Society’s website on or before Feb. 1. The nomination center is located at

On behalf of the entire membership, I would like to thank the members of the Nominating Committee for their work in identifying candidates to serve. Vetting our future leadership is one of the most important tasks we undertake on a yearly basis.

A ballot listing the nominees with their service records will be sent to the Society’s voting membership before the Society’s Annual Election Meeting and Dinner, to be held on May 15, 2014. Any independent nominees submitted by March 1, as discussed below, will be included in the proxy ballot. I urge all members to carefully examine the ballot information and vote.

Independent nominations

According to Article X of the Society’s Bylaws, independent nominations for an officer or elected director may be made by a petition filed with the Secretary/Treasurer by March 1. (See These candidates are then added to the ballot, along with those individuals nominated by the nominating committee.

Pursuant to the Bylaws, any submitted petition for independent nominees requires at least 507 signatures of CPA members (2 percent of the CPA membership as of the beginning of the fiscal year, which totaled 25,348  this year), other than that of the nominee, and must certify that the nominee has consented to serve if elected. To be eligible for the position of a Society officer or director, a nominee must (i) be a CPA member of the NYSSCPA; (ii) have at least five years’ continuous membership in the Society; and (iii) have at least two years of participation either on a Society-level committee or as a member of the executive board of a chapter, or some combination of both.

Independent nomination petition forms may be downloaded from the website’s nomination center, located at, and should be sent to the NYSSCPA Secretary/Treasurer as follows: 

F. Michael Zovistoski, CPA
NYSSCPA Secretary/Treasurer
14 Wall Street, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10005

Annual Election Meeting and Dinner: date and place

Based on the votes cast in the ballot, the officers and directors for 2014–2015 will be elected during the 117th Annual Election Meeting and Dinner on Thursday, May 15, at the Marriott Marquis at Times Square in New York City. Official notice of the meeting will be included in the April issue of The Trusted Professional.

Contact information

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact me at, or the Society’s Counsel Bradley M. Pryba, at