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FAE Board of Trustees Nominations

If you are interested in serving on the Foundation for Accounting Education Board of Trustees, now is the time to submit your nomination.

The FAE is very important to the members of the Society because they administer the lifelong learning program for New York State CPAs. The central importance of FAE’s efforts to New York CPAs makes service as a FAE trustee a highly fulfilling activity for members interested in giving back to the profession.

FAE, the educational arm of the NYSSCPA, has its own governing body—a nine to twelve person Board of Trustees—nine of whom serve a three-year term. The trustees’ three-year terms are evenly staggered, so three vacancies occur each year. According to its bylaws, FAE’s Board of Trustees acts to fill vacancies in the three-year positions on the FAE board, but its choice is limited to the six or more candidates identified by the Society’s Board of Directors.

Trustee Responsibilities

FAE trustees typically meet four times a year to discuss the business of the Foundation. The FAE trustees are responsible for approval of the FAE budget, setting the general direction for educational programs and overseeing the scholarship program and Career Opportunities in the Accounting Profession (COAP), a week-long program geared toward encouraging minority high school students to enter the accounting profession. In November 2009, the Society’s Benevolent Fund was merged into the FAE. If there is an application for benefits, FAE Trustees would be responsible for evaluating such requests. There is no compensation for service on the FAE board.

Eligibility Requirements

According to Foundation bylaws, to serve on the FAE board, a prospective candidate must be a CPA and a member in good standing of the NYSSCPA. Trustees are appointed based on their interest and ability to contribute to the educational goals of the Foundation. Trustee selection, to the extent possible, represents a cross section of the Society’s membership in terms of geography and areas of professional practice.

Over and above the Foundation’s bylaw requirements, it is beneficial for candidates to have taken FAE courses or to have been responsible for sending others to FAE programs. In addition, candidates should be familiar with the market for adult learning in a continuing professional education environment. FAE primarily targets small- and medium-sized CPA firms. The market is expanding into programs for industry CPAs as well.

How to Serve

Those interested in serving on the FAE Board of Trustees should send an e-mail to the attention of NYSSCPA President-elect F. Michael Zovistoski at presidentelect@nysscpa.org by February 22, 2016. The e-mail should include a resume and a statement of interest and ability to contribute to the educational goals of the Foundation. Candidate information will be forwarded to the Selections Subcommittee of the NYSSCPA Board of Directors, which will propose to the Society’s Board of Directors the names of individuals to fill the three FAE vacancies. The Society’s Board will submit at least six nominees to the FAE Board of Trustees. The FAE board then appoints three individuals from among the nominees by the Society’s Board to become FAE trustees.

If you are interested in serving on the FAE Board, a nomination must be submitted by February 22, 2016.