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AICPA Council Nominations

Represent New York State on the AICPA Council: A Call for Nominations  


In January 2017, the NYSSCPA Board of Directors will submit the names of three individuals to the AICPA’s Nominations Committee, which nominates members for election to AICPA Council. Those nominees, once duly elected, will each serve three-year terms, beginning October 2017, on the 265-person governing council. In addition, one person will be designated by the Society to serve a one-year term as its representative to the council, also beginning October 2017.

While day-to-day governance of the AICPA is handled by the AICPA’s 23-person board of directors, the AICPA Council is the final sounding board for AICPA initiatives. The council meets twice a year in various locations around the country. Each council meeting lasts for two-and-a-half days. In addition, it holds one-day regional meetings in the spring of each year, one typically being in New York City.

In addition to attending these AICPA Council meetings, being an AICPA Council member involves about a day per meeting for preparation time, and anywhere from a half day to a day per month to keep abreast of professional issues, participate in electronic conferences and meetings and attend one or more dinners with the NYSSCPA Board of Directors to discuss the profession’s important issues and the council’s activities. It is fun, professionally fulfilling and work that can be very satisfying.

Eligibility requirements

Pursuant to the NYSSCPA Board’s Standing Rules, one of the NYSSCPA-nominated council positions is reserved each year for the Society’s president-elect. Otherwise, to be considered by the NYSSCPA Board of Directors, candidates must:

  • be a member of the NYSSCPA;
  • be a member of the AICPA;
  • submit to the Board selections subcommittee a résumé and a written statement of what the candidate intends to bring to council;
  • currently live or work in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut;
  • have been active in the NYSSCPA, either at the chapter level or with a statewide committee or both; and
  • not be a current member of the NYSSCPA Board of Directors, unless the candidate is in his or her final year of board service.

Express your interest by Thursday, November 17

If you or a colleague you know is interested in serving on the AICPA Council, please e-mail the following information to Harold Dieters, the Society’s president-elect and chair of the Board’s Selections Subcommittee, at presidentelect@nysscpa.org by 12pm (ET) Thursday, November 17, 2016:

  • A résumé that meets the above eligibility requirements; and
  • An answer to the question: What is it that I would bring to the council?

You can find the NYSSCPA Board's standing rules that govern the AICPA Council nomination process online at http://www.nysscpa.org/docs/default-source/about-us/nysscpa-board-of-directors-standing-rules.pdf.