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Board Policies and Procedures

Leadership Policies

LP-1 Code of Conduct for Board Members
LP-2 Resolving NYSSCPA Policy Disputes
LP-3 Acknowledgment of Board Member Responsibilities
LP-4 NYSSCPA/FAE Conflict of Interest Policy
LP-5 NYSSCPA/FAE Conflict of Interest Policy 
LP-6 NYSSCPA Antitrust Compliance Policy
LP-7 NYSSCPA Committee and Board Member Travel Reimbursement Policy
LP-8 Leadership Receivables

LP-9 Whistleblower Policy

Strategic Policies (These are policies that relate to the strategic plan's program categories: Professional Competency, Public Trust, Advocacy, Recognition and Visibility, or Recruiting and Retention)

SP-1 NYSSCPA Strategic Plan-2009 (based on Board action 12/18/08)
SP-2 Strategic Budget (under development)
SP-3 Chapter Structure
SP-4 Committee Structure
SP-5 Society Comment Process (based on Board action from 9/19/07)

Operations Policies

OP-1 NYSSCPA/FAE Affiliation Agreement (based on Board action 5/31/17)
OP-2 Executive Committee Authorization (Board approved 6/1/17)
OP-3 Finance Committee (under development)
OP-4 Audit Committee Charter
OP-5 Appointment of Auditor (for the year)
OP-6 Member Dues Structure
OP-7 Bank Signature Authority
OP-8 Contract Approvals
OP-9 Investment Policy (under development)
OP-10 Amicus Brief Policy
OP-11 Policy on charitable Contributions
OP-12 Advertising Policy
OP-13 Key Person Insurance on Executive Director (based on EC action on 8/22/02)

(Re v. 12/21/17)

OP-14 Information Retention Policy (based on EC action on 5/13/04)
OP-15 Business Continuity Plan (based on Board action on 10/02/03)
OP-16 Chapter Contract Approvals (based on Board action on 12/08/05)

OP-17 Legislative and Regulatory Response and Action Policy (Board action 9/15/11)
OP-18 Policy on Engaging NYSSCPA Speakers (based on Board action on 12/12/14)

Board Standing Rules

SR-1    Establishment of Selections Subcommittee
SR-2    Selection of Board-designated members of the nominating committee
SR-3    Recommendation of Individuals to serve as elected members to AICPA Council from New York
SR-4    Roles of the Vice Presidents
SR-5    Board Nominations and Presidential Appointments of Former Staff
SR-6    Board Governance Subcommittee
SR-7    Sense of the Board Regarding Committee Appointments
SR-8    Selection of Board-designated members of the FAE Trustees

Nominating Committee Protocols

NP-1    Nominating an Officer'
NP-2    Nominating a President-Elect
NP-3    Board Member service terms
NP-4    Nominating Board Members from the same firm or employer
NP-5    Nominations to fill Chapter vacancies
NP-6    Nominations for Officer Positions
NP-7    Board approval for the addition or deletion of protocols
NP-8    Nomination of former staff member
NP-9    Statement from President-Elect Candidate
NP-10  Interviewing of Candidates for President-Elect