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For more than 70 years, The CPA Journal has been earning its reputation as an objective, critical source of information on issues of interest to CPAs. The Journal provides analysis, perspective, and debate on the issues that affect the CPA profession. Major topics include accounting and auditing, taxation, personal financial planning, finance, technology, and professional ethics. Published by the New York State Society of CPAs, The Journal's active editorial and review process ensures thorough technical quality and material relevant to CPAs in public practice, industry, government and education.
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The Trusted Professional is considered the editorial voice for the NYSSCPA. Through this monthly publication, readers are made aware of legislative, regulatory and administrative developments, particularly as they concern tax and audit policies and accounting practices of New York state. The newspaper provides information on regulatory and ethical standards of the profession and helps keep readers informed of key issues and changes that affect New York CPAs. The Trusted Professional also features in-depth coverage of NYSSCPA news, services and events and includes a special section specifically devoted to the educational, recreational and professional activities of the Society's 16 chapters.

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