Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

Welcome to the NYSSCPA Mentor Match Program!

The Mentor Match Program pairs early career professionals with experienced professionals across New York State.  The Mentor Match Program is an exclusive program for NYSSCPA members, which benefits all who participate. Being a mentor is one of life’s most rewarding and fulfilling experiences. Your commitment indicates that you believe in building the next generation of accounting professionals.

CPAs with more than ten years of professional experience are invited to join as mentors, and CPA Candidates or CPAs with less than ten years of professional experience are invited to enroll as mentees. Because we offer promotions and services through our Campus Liaisons, at this time, student members are not invited to participate in the Mentor Match Program.

Mentors and mentees are asked  to meet at least once each month, and meet at  least six times during the course of the Mentor Match Program. Mentors and mentees can meet in person, by phone, or by using video chat.

During the Mentor Match Program, mentoring pairs will have been given discussion topics and guidelines to help facilitate  productive and rewarding relationships for both parties.

Mentees receive invaluable guidance and perspective from established professionals, which helps start their career off on the right foot or develop their career to achieve professional goals.

For questions or concerns regarding the Mentor Match Program, please contact Stephanie Doctor at 212-719-8418 or email


The NYSSCPA Mentor Match Program participants must abide by the Program’s Code of Conduct. The NYSSCPA reserves the right to suspend or ban participants from the Mentor Match Program if they refuse to follow our standards. To make this experience as successful as possible for both Mentor and Mentee, we ask that you please follow the Code of Conduct:

Respect your Mentor/Mentee. 

  • Mentors and Mentees should not disclose, share, duplicate or distribute each other’s personal information without consent. 
  • Mentors and Mentees are expected to maintain professional conduct at all times during the mentorship relationship. Participants agree to keep relationships free of discrimination, harassment, romantic or sexual involvement. 
  • Mentees must be honest in their presentation of issues and be respectful to their Mentors at all times. 
  • The program is not intended to provide Mentees with employment from Mentors.

Harassment will not be tolerated.

The NYSSCPA welcomes people of all ages, genders, races, religions, and points of view. We do not tolerate harassment or abuse. The NYSSCPA encourages discussions and exchange of career development, professional development, and experience in the accountancy profession. Threatening, abusive behavior, tasteless statements are not allowed.

Illegal activities are forbidden.

The NYSSCPA does not allow any illegal activities.

Unauthorized commercial activity is prohibited.

Communication between Mentors and Mentees is encouraged. However, posting or transmitting unauthorized or unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, or any other forms of solicitation is not allowed.

We encourage your participation in upholding our standards.

When in doubt about appropriate behavior within the Mentor Match Program, please contact

*** NYSSCPA’s Mentor Match Program aims to facilitate Mentors and Mentees to share information and knowledge regarding the accountancy profession. NYSSCPA and the Mentor do not make any representations as to the qualification or the competence of the Mentor Match Program participants nor endorse or warrant the accuracy, timeliness or usefulness of any advice provided through the Mentor Match Program. The views expressed by participants in the NYSSCPA Mentor Match Program do not necessarily reflect those of the New York State Society of CPAs.

NYSSCPA and the Mentor shall not be liable to Mentee for any act or omission taken in reliance upon any information or advice provided by the Mentor. Mentee may not use the program or information or advice rendered for any unlawful purpose.