What Does It Takes to Be A NextGen CPA?

As an undergraduate, your first shot at navigating one of the toughest job markets in recent memory is just around the corner. Savvy students like you know they need not only to hone their individual strengths in college—but that they must persistently apply those talents post-graduation to search for and find perfect career paths.

Looking to carve your niche in a challenging, exciting and financially rewarding profession? Think you need a trust fund and an Ivy League degree to launch an illustrious career in finance? Think again.

Consider a career in the world of accounting, where doors leading to paths of success consistently blow wide open for ambitious entry-level professionals of all backgrounds.

The NYSSCPA knows that as a prospective CPA, the steps you take during and right after college can make or break your success in achieving goals and ensuring you take stake out your place in the future of finance. If you’re considering a CPA career, take advantage of the NYSSCPA’s mixed bag of unparalleled guidance for undergrads, including the industry’s most in-demand resources, educational opportunities and networking platforms:

  • The Moynihan Fund: A Scholarship Named for Success

    The NYSSCPA’s Foundation for Accounting Education (FAE) purposes funds to relieve some of the financial burden you may face as a new grad with your sights set on earning a CPA license. Formerly known as the Excellence in Accounting Scholarship, the NYSSCPA recently renamed its student aid program in honor of the Society’s recently departed, widely-admired former President David J. Moynihan. Awarded based on financial need and academic achievement, the Moynihan Fund strives to help the next members CPA community follow in the footsteps of leaders like Mr. Moynihan, who prioritized professional quality and integrity above all else.

    Find out more about eligibility requirements and past FAE scholarship winners here, or apply now!

New York’s Best 20-Buck Bargain: NYSSCPA Associate Student Membership

These days, $20 barely buys dinner delivery, but at the NYSSCPA, it pays your dues for a full year of Associate Student membership. What better way to keep ahead of the curve than by joining a society of CPA professionals even before you become their official career peers?

Associate Student Member Benefits:

  • CareerBank.comNew job in your future?
    When you’re job hunting, it’s nice to know you have someone on your side. NYSSCPA members can search the latest jobs and post resumes on the Career Center.
  • NextGen MagazineFind a cool place to catch up with your online subscription
    NextGen Magazine: The NYSSCPA's Professional Development Guide is a resource for future CPAs and CPAs starting out in the profession.
  • FedExAnd when you need dependable delivery.
    You know the rest. Plus NYSSCPA members save up to 29%.
  • NYSSCPA Mentor Match Program
    The NYSSCPA has launched a mentoring program designed to match new and future CPAs with experienced members of the profession to help get their careers started off on the right foot. Become a mentee today!
  • Networking Opportunities 
    Stack the odds of landing a fantastic accounting job even further in your favor by attending NextGen networking events in your local area. Join one of 15 local NYSSCPA chapters across New York state.

To apply online, click here.

To request an application form by mail, contact the Membership Department at 1-(800) NYSSCPA.

For further information about the dues structure, click here.

Useful Links for Students

  • Beta Alpha Psi: The premier national financial honors fraternity for financial information professionals. This comprehensive site boasts a stacked calendar of events, chapter handbook, available scholarships and job links.
  • Search for jobs: Visit this independent online career site for accounting and finance professionals.
  • Occupational Outlook of Accounting Jobs: The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides further information about the nature of accounting work, employment data, training and qualifications, job outlook and salary ranges.
  • Salary information: An accounting career offers competitive entry-level salaries and long-term growth potential, especially for candidates who’ve earned a CPA designation.

Benefits of Membership

Becoming a student member of the NYSSCPA provides you with tools to help you start your career.

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The Moynihan Fund

The NYSSCPA awards scholarships to students in accounting programs at colleges and universities across New York State.

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Campus Liaisons

Professors at over 40 colleges and universities in New York State serve as liaisons to assist students in applying for NYSSCPA membership.

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