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You Should Probably Change Your Password

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jan 20, 2016
DevilComputerHave we learned nothing from Spaceballs? According to an article in Fast Company, the most common password of 2015 was "123456." The second most common? "Password." Third? "12345678." Ironically enough, this data was gleaned from over 2 million passwords leaked over the past year. The top 25 includes: 
  • 123456 
  • password 
  • 12345678 
  • qwerty 
  • 12345 
  • 123456789 
  • football 
  • 1234 
  • 1234567 
  • baseball 
  • welcome 
  • 1234567890 
  • abc123 
  • 111111 
  • 1qaz2wsx 
  • dragon 
  • master 
  • monkey 
  • letmein 
  • login 
  • princess
  • qwertyuiop 
  • solo 
  • passw0rd 
  • starwars 
    According to the AICPA, one in four people have been the victim of information security breaches, some of which no doubt being the result of poor password security. For a CPA firm in particular, a data breach can have rather dire effects, according to the Journal of Accountancy, as even small firms can carry valuable client data that, if stolen, can lead not only to embarrassment but legal and regulatory risks as well.

    Still, while it seems we still haven't learned from Spaceballs, it seems we have learned from Hackers, as the list contains none of what that movie said were the most commonly used passwords: "love," "sex," "secret" and "god."