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The Daily

When is a Personal Day Not a Personal Day?

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
May 4, 2016
By Thomas Gustafson -, CC BY-SA 2.5When it's a "Yay Day" or an "InDay" or a "Ferris Bueller Day" or any of the other terms some companies have been using to rebrand time off, according to The Wall Street Journal. Companies offering these special days off are working hard to differentiate them from the more mundane personal or vacation days. For instance, the aforementioned "Yay Day," a creation of apparel company REI, is meant specifically for communing with nature, and encourages workers to post to social media about their experiences. The Journal, however, said that these types of time off are largely about branding. Rather than quirkily named days off, The Journal said companies might be better off making fewer demands of their workers, such as expecting them to be available via email while on vacation.