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The Daily

Survey: 31 Percent of Executives Work With Jerks

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Aug 27, 2015
devilA recent survey from the Creative Group revealed that a third of executives work with ruthless jerks who will gladly tear you down to advance their own careers. The survey, taken from about 400 executives executives, found that 31 percent have, at one time, had a colleague deliberately try to make them look bad in front of others. While this seems like an awful lot of backstabbing, it's actually much less than 2008, the last time this survey was taken, where that figure was at 50 percent. People's responses to such behavior has also changed drastically over the years. In the 2008 survey, 70 percent said they would confront the person directly, while only 10 percent said they would go to their supervisor or to HR. Here in 2015, however, 41 percent would still favor the direct approach, but now 40 percent felt the best thing to do is go to their supervisor or HR.