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The Daily

Study: Media Reports Major Factor in Growing Awareness of C-Suite Gender Imbalance

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Oct 22, 2015
ScalesA recent study has found that 68 percent of executives surveyed across the world recognize that gender imbalance in the C-suite is a growing public issue, and this growth has been largely attributed to increased media coverage on the matter, according to the Harvard Business Review. Specifically, 71 percent of men and 60 percent of women polled say that the media is responsible for increased awareness of the problems of C-suite-level gender imbalances. This could be attributed, too, to the growth in news pieces about the topic: stories of this type, according to the study, have increased 300 percent over the past four years. This, according to the study, has implications for younger people who will eventually take over leadership positions in the corporate world, as they tend to be more media aware. This is borne out by another poll result: 84 percent of Millennials expect there to be gender equality in the C-suite by 2030, compared to 74 percent of Gen X'ers and 66 percent of Baby Boomers.