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The Daily

Southern Florida Fraud Capital of U.S.

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jul 30, 2015
picture courtesy of US Dept. of TransportationSouthern Florida is already number one in invasive reptilesboating accidentscomplaining about work, and cash transactions for real estate sales. Now the state can add one more to its list of things it does more than any other: fraud. The Associated Press reports that, by all measures, Florida is the state for organized fraud operations of all shapes and kinds. It ranks first in identity theft (193 complaints per 100,000 residents) as well as in false federal income tax returns filed (southern Florida's rate is 46 times the national average), and in mortgage loan fraud (accounting for 12.3 percent of all cases). As well, its residents made up more than half of those arrested in a large sweep of people suspected of Medicare fraud (1,500 of 2,300 charged). If you're the target for a fraud scheme, then, it's more likely to have originated in Florida than any other state.