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The Daily

Sheriff Has Surprisingly Frank Conversation with IRS Phone Scammer

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
May 17, 2016
LierDale Schmidt, the Dale County Sheriff, was called by someone pretending to be from the IRS who, when questioned further, sheepishly admitted the whole thing was a scam, according to the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. Schmidt received a voice mail message on his personal cell phone saying he was being sued by the IRS and that he should immediately call a phone number that was provided. When he did, he asked for confirmation that he was, indeed, speaking with the IRS. The person on the other end of the line hung up on him. So, he called again, and this time identified himself as a law enforcement officer before, once again, asking for confirmation that the message came from the IRS. 

At this point, the supposed IRS representative admitted that, no, he was not with the IRS and that the whole thing was a scam. When asked where this scam was based out of, the person, who identified himself as "Malma Dahli" said he was in Afghanistan and that it was his job to make these calls before, once again, hanging up.