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The Daily

Salary Negotiations, Hostage Negotiations Have More in Common Than You'd Think

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jun 7, 2016
PayScaleWhile asking your boss for a raise may not look that similar to asking a terrorist to maybe let some of their hostages go, an article in Fortune says the two may have more in common than you'd think. Chris Voss, a former FBI agent, has years of experience in negotiating with all types of people who hold guns to other people's heads. Now out of the bureau, he said that the lessons he learned there can also be applied to the corporate world. For one, keep calm. Sudden movements, too, are probably not a good idea in either case. For another, keep in mind that your employer is not the one with all the leverage: you, too, have things you can control. Also, be polite: there's a great power in likability. Finally, be willing to actually negotiate. In the case of a hostage crisis, this might take the form of having the gunman release some but not all of his hostages. In the office, it might involve asking for a benefits increase if they won't agree to a pay raise.