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The Daily

Report: Federal Reserve Faces Constant Cyberattacks

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jun 2, 2016
DevilComputerThe U.S. Federal Reserve has been enduring a near-constant stream of cyber attacks since at least 2011, according to documents it released Wednesday, according to CNN Money. In the past five years, the central bank has been subject to more than 59 incidents of what it calls "unauthorized access," 55 cases of "information disclosure," 134 "malicious code" attacks, 12 just labeled "fraud," another 12 called "informational" and one incident, apparently, of "extortion," according to the documents. The Fed also experienced four attempts at what it said to be espionage. CNN Money said that the documents were heavily redacted, and so their severity and nature are currently unknown. However, the central bank did say that none of them resulted in access to internal Fed content.