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Poll: Most Americans $500 Away from Disaster

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jan 6, 2016
tightropeThere are many reasons why someone would unexpectedly be required to pay $500: car troubles, home repairs, or medical emergencies are only some of the unfortunate events that could lead to a $500 bill. However, a recent survey has found that most Americans wouldn't be able to handle such a shock to their finances, according to CBS News. Specifically, 63 percent of 1000 Americans surveyed said they would not be able to deal with a sudden and unexpected expense of $500 or more. This is roughly the same percent that actually did experience an unanticipated financial shock over the last year, said CBS News. If faced with such an event, 23 percent would cut back on other spending, 15 percent would use credit cards, and another 15 percent said they would ask friends or family for help, said CBS News.