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UPDATE: NYS, NYC Release Missing Tax Forms for Corporations

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Mar 2, 2016
nysimageNYS has now posted the following corporate tax forms: 
CT-3.1 and CT-3.1 for combined filers
CT-3.2 and CT-3.2 for combined filers
CT-3.3 and CT-3.3 for combined filers. 
CT-3.4 and CT-3.4 for combined filers
CT-224 and CT-224 for combined filers.

UPDATE: As of March 9, 2016, the following forms have become available: 

* IT-204.1 (New York Corporate Partners’ Schedule K)
* IT-204 CP (New York Corporate Partner’s Schedule K-1)

While the form itself is available, the state tax department said the IT-204.1 is not yet available to be e-filed. When it is ready, the department will post notice on its website, as well as notify practitioners via email. Until the form is available for e-filing, practitioners must wait to submit a complete IT-204, Partnership Return.

The forms and their instructions can be found here
NYC, meanwhile, has now posted the following forms:

* NYC-2
* NYC-2.1
* NYC-2.2
* NYC-2.3
* NYC-2.4
* NYC-2.5

The NYC-2A form is still in development, according to the city tax department's website. The website advised that, given the relatively short time frame between now and the filing deadline, business taxpayers should file for an extension using the NYC-EXT before March 15. 

Practitioners throughout NY have been frustrated by the lack of vital corporate tax forms this filing season, which has caused confusion and delays with business clients. The NYSSCPA is aware of the issue and has been in communications with the state and city tax departments for updated information so members can plan accordingly. Members have been sharing their experiences with the matter on Exchange, the Society's exclusive social media platform. A dedicated post for discussion on the issue was created today.