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NYC Sixth Highest in Number of Robocalls Received

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jan 15, 2016
RobotYou're going about your day, not thinking about much in particular, when your phone rings. Who is it? You don't know, the number is restricted. Against your better judgment, you pick up and are greeted with a recorded message that you've won a massive yacht and you only need to send them a $500 processing fee and you'll be sailing the high seas in no time. You've been robocalled, and if you're a New Yorker, you're getting a larger number of them compared to other localities, according to CNBC. According to figures collected by call blocking service YouMail, out of 40 locations where this information is tracked, New York City is number 6. In the last year, the city received 14.5 million automated calls, which translates into roughly 11 per capita. The highest is Atlanta, Georgia with 26.6 million. The lowest was Alexandria, Virginia which got 3.2 million. Overall, Americans received more than a billion robocalls over the last year. While there have been numerous rules and regulations passed to prevent people from being bothered by such calls, enforcement is tricky since so many of them come from outside U.S. jurisdiction, said CNBC.