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New Bag Designed Specifically for Moving $1 Million in Cash

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Nov 12, 2015
MoneyBagThere are times when a big metal briefcase or sack with a giant dollar sign painted on it just won't do. For the times in your life when you need to move $1 million in cash from one location to another, a new bag designed specifically for that purpose might be the answer to perhaps the number one problem we'd all like to have, according to Quartz

How is this bag better than other ways of moving $1 million in cash? For one, it's made of material that blocks radio frequencies, meaning the bag itself can't be tracked, so if some enterprising security expert fitted one of the bills with a chip of some sort, the signal won't be able to escape. Also handy, then, for transporting electronics too. For another, it's made to slide across the floor easily, in the event you need to give someone the million dollars without getting too close to them. Finally, it's big enough to hold the money (always an important consideration). 

So, in the improbable event you need to move $1 million in cash, this is probably the bag in which you'd want to do it.