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The Daily

Modern Day Bartleby Lives in the Office

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jul 28, 2015
work-walkingWell, I guess that's one way to address work/life balance: not one but two people have recently written articles about how they, like a famous scrivener before them, secretly lived in their offices for at least a little while, and all things considered both seem to feel pretty good about it. The Billfold, a personal finance blog, highlights the stories of these corporate squatters. One involves someone who works for Google and lived off its notoriously posh amenities (in fact, he ate better there than he would have on his own). Rather than living in the building itself, however, he bought a van to sleep in and simply keyed in and out of the office when he needed something. The other person, however, had it a little more difficult, as his LA office was more of a typical office, which meant waking up and leaving before anyone got there in the morning, lest anyone notice that someone had been sleeping there. In both cases, however, living where they worked became a positive for them, not least of which was because they weren't paying rent for an outside home. No doubt, however, the ones who can stand to do this are exceptions. The vast majority of us, if asked whether we would ever live in our offices, would probably say they'd prefer not to.