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McKinsey Report: NY Ranks High in Gender Equity Relative to Other States

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Apr 7, 2016

ScalesA recent report from McKinsey Global Institute has measured each state's level of gender equality, and while each state still has a high degree of inequality, New York is still ranked near the top. The report used 10 indicators to assign each state a State Parity Score: 

  • labor-force participation rate;
  • professional and technical jobs; 
  • higher education;
  • maternal mortality;
  • leadership and managerial positions;
  • unpaid care work;
  • single mothers;
  • teenage pregnancy;
  • political representation; and 
  • violence against women

Using this measure, New York state's score was .67. This ties it with North Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, and California. Only eight other states had a higher score. They are: 

Maine (.74), New Hampshire (.70), Connecticut (.70), Minnesota (.70), Arizona (.69), Hawaii (.69), Massachusetts (.69), and Montana (.68).  

The report also claimed that if the entire country reached total gender parity, about $4.3 trillion would be added to GDP by 2025. 

"Thirty-eight percent of the potential can come from higher female labor-force participation, 32 percent from narrowing the gap between men and women who work, part time and full time, and 30 percent from changing the mix of sectors in which women work to increase employment in more productive ones," said the report.