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The Daily

Massive List of Funny Business Names is a Lot of Pun

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Sep 30, 2015
NestEggMapping website Atlas Obscura has gathered together over 1,900 different businesses with pun-based names and created what it says is the most complete crowdsourced map of punny business names in the U.S. These include New York-based dentist "Nothing but the Tooth," Rhode-Island based optometrist "Rhode Eyeland," and a Massachusetts-based demolition company called "Edifice Wrecks."

Throughout the entire list, however, there was not a single CPA firm. This is, in our opinion, a glaring oversight. With that in mind, NYSSCPA members starting a new firm are encouraged to use any of the following names:

It's Accrual World

COSO Good 

Til Debt Do Us Part (specializing in divorce accounting) 

Debt and Taxes (specializing in estate planning) 


FASBulous Accounting 

10-Q for Your Business: We Appreciate Your Interest 

Life is a GAAS

Gross Income (only works if your name is Gross, or if you specialize in working with sanitation firms)

Lien In (if you specialize in resolving IRS disputes) 

We Are Living in a Material World 

Outstanding Accountants 

Repo Men (if you work mainly with firms that need help doing repurchase agreements) 

ROI Rogers (if you do accounting exclusively for Roy Rogers franchisees) 

Just a SEC

CPAs with SAS

Sir Plus (for firms that work mainly with Renaissance fairs) 

The Great GASB

Accounting for Taste (credit to staff writer Jason Wong)