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The Daily

Man Pays $5,734 Tax Bill in Singles

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jun 14, 2016
CashAn Illinois man, to protest rising property tax rates in his town, went to the county tax office and paid his $5,734 bill in singles, along with a promise of a repeat performance for the other half of his bill, according to The Northwest Herald. The man, Dan R. Aylward, was upset that his property tax bill increased more than $1,800 over five years, and so protested by pledging to pay only in one-dollar bills, presumably because $11,468.36 may be too difficult to carry all at once.

The county apparently accepted Aylward's payment, which does not always happen when using such small denominations. In 2012, a British man tried to pay an 800 pound bill in pennies, according to The Guardian, but a judge ordered him to use more conventional payment methods, and tacked on a few hundred pounds more to the bill for good measure. A Utah man, meanwhile, tried to pay a $25 doctor's bill in 2011, and got a disorderly conduct charge for it, said The Christian Science Monitor

A Texas man, meanwhile, was arrested for trying to pay his own property tax bill in singles, but Forbes noted that it may have had more to do with him tightly folding each one, forcing workers to spend minutes unwinding each one. A California mean, though, did a similar thing with no repercussions, with workers telling ABC News that while they didn't have to take the roughly $15,000 in cash and coins (carted into the office in a wheelbarrow), they decided to accept it to avoid further confrontation.