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Goodman, Goodman, Goodman and Goodman Publish Economics Paper About Sharing a Last Name

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Apr 20, 2016
NameTagGoodman, Goodman, Goodman and Goodman is not a CPA firm but, rather, four economists from four different colleges who wrote a paper about the effects of publishing a paper written by four people who all share the same last name. Titled "A Few Good Men," it's written by Allen Goodman of Wayne State University, Joshua Goodman of Harvard University, Lucas Goodman of the University of Maryland, and Sarena Goodman from the Federal Reserve Board. 

"We explore the phenomenon of coauthorship by economists who share a surname. Prior research has included at most three economist coauthors who share a surname. Ours is the first paper to have four economist coauthors who share a surname, as well as the first where such coauthors are unrelated by marriage, blood or current campus," said the abstract of the paper, which was published in the journal Economic Inquiry in 2014. 

The authors' main contribution to the literature, according to the study's conclusion, is that they have proved a collaboration between four unrelated economists with the same last name is possible.