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The Daily

From Engagement Letters to Engagement Rings: Accountants No. 10 in Marrying Within Same Profession

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jul 14, 2015
WorkplaceLoveMaybe it's all the late nights at the office, maybe it's a shared affinity for asset classification, or maybe just the stars are right and the moon is bright, but whatever the reason, about 14 percent of accounting majors are married to other accounting majors, making them number 10 in professions that marry people within the same field, according to the Washington Post.

It would seem, then, that it's not an adverse opinion to state that accounting professionals have accrued a decent amount of interest in forming bonds with each other that both can really appreciate. This should not surprise us: after all, being with someone who shares your passions and understands your work is a truly extraordinary item with high intrinsic value. Embarking on a joint venture like marriage with such a person will surely generate enough goodwill to make you look to the universe and say "10-Q," though of course, like all mergers, at least some due diligence is advisable before signing off on an engagement. Still, with some appropriate risk management to spot and address significant deficiencies, marrying another accountant can be a real safe harbor. Just be sure to start with a tender offer.  

(also, please be aware that roughly 43 percent of companies have policies regarding workplace romances, so make sure you're not actually putting your career at risk, especially if you go public)