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Everything's Fast But Our Decisions

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jan 29, 2016
WomanRunningLateEverything's fast today. Our deliveries are fast. Our communications are faster. And our stock trades? Even faster. But an article in Fortune finds evidence that there's at least one thing that is actually getting slower: our decisions. A series of studies from consulting group CEB says that the time it takes companies to make decisions has increased, and this inertia is dangerous. For example, companies now take an average of 63 days to make a new hire, up from the 42-day average in 2010. Similarly, business-to-business buying now takes 22 percent longer than it did five years ago. CEB attributes this to the increased emphasis on collaboration, internal control compliance (which imposes additional procedures), and inertia from the sheer size of today's companies.