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The Daily

Credit Suisse Analysis: Everyone is Freaking Out

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Oct 2, 2015
PanicThe Credit Suisse Global Risk Appetite Index shows that, as of this week, people are officially in panic mode over the state of the economy, according to MarketWatch. The last time people were this spooked over the markets was 2012, when everyone was panicking over the one-two punch of Greece's sovereign debt crisis and ballooning sovereign debt costs, said MarketWatch. Other times when investors were this rattled include the 2008 crisis, the Enron/Worldcom collapse, the Asian monetary crisis, and the 80's Black Monday. This time, according to MarketWatch, it's the trouble in China radiating out into markets around the world, leading to global equity markets having their worst quarter in four years. But, said MarketWatch, there is a silver lining to this cloud: panics such as this are also great times to buy, though warned that this is probably only a good idea in the short term. If the current turbulence persists through the long term, holding on to the assets everyone is trying to get rid of may prove to be harmful.