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Congress Passes Permanent Ban on Internet Taxes

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Feb 12, 2016
InternetTaxA temporary ban on state and local governments taxing Internet access and charging additional tax for online purchases will now be extended into perpetuity, according to the Journal of Accountancy. The measure is a part of the Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act of 2015, which was passed by the Senate 75-20 on Thursday. With the House having already passed the legislation in December, it will now go to President Barack Obama for approval. While a recent White House statement didn't mention this particular provision, it said the president intends to sign the bill into law. Prior to this bill, the ban on Internet taxes had been enforced through the Internet Tax Freedom Act, which was renewed five times before it first became a law in 1998, according to a June statement from the House Judiciary Committee about the bill.