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The Daily

Chinese Stock Crash Claiming U.S. Wealth in Wake

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jul 28, 2015
ChinaChina's stocks have been taking a beating in the market over the past few weeks, with the Shanghai Composite Index having fallen 27 percent since June, and due to the interconnected nature of today's economy, the damage hasn't stopped as its own borders: USA Today reports that events in China have caused the loss of roughly $40 billion in wealth here in the U.S. as well. Partially this is due to investments in China-based stocks listed on major exchanges here, such as Alibaba and JD, but also affected are exchange-traded funds with exposure to Chinese stocks, spreading the pain to these areas as well. Further, just because an investor doesn't have any exposure to China doesn't mean they're insulated from recent events either: a CNBC article said that the crash is having a significant negative impact on currency values in developing markets, such as Brazil, Malaysia and Indonesia, sparked by concerns about a slowing Chinese economy, as well as a possible interest rate hike from the Fed and a decline in commodity prices. 

An analyst cited by Bloomberg believes that stocks will decline a further 14 percent over the next three weeks, believing that government interventions aren't sustainable in the long run.