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The Daily

Buzz Aldrin Shares Expense Report for Moon Landing

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Aug 3, 2015
'FullMoonHauknes' by Frode Steen - Own work. 33 dollars and 31 cents: that's how much astronaut Buzz Aldrin claimed on his expense report for the historic moon landing, a document that he shared for the first time over Twitter and Facebook, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. The sum is apparently the standard per diem allowance for military personnel while away from base, which also includes meals and board, said the Herald. Where the expense report asks for Aldrin's points of travel, he lists "Cape Kennedy, Fla.," "Moon," "Pacific Ocean," and "Hawaii," before a return to Houston, Texas. 

Aldrin apparently also had to fill out a customs report: he declared moon rock and moon dust samples as his cargo.