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The Daily

Bright, Sunny Offices May Be Too Much of a Good Thing

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Apr 9, 2015
Bright LightFor the most part, having a lot of natural sunlight in the office is a great thing, according to an article in Bloomberg. A study that had some workers using mostly artificial light and others using mostly natural light found that employees that get some sun in their office tend to have more conversations at louder volumes. People also tend to congregate more in rooms with natural sunlight. However, the study's authors note, while this can definitely be a good thing, they can also disrupt work flow, especially if that work requires some concentration--even if people aren't talking directly to you, conversations can be pretty distracting. The study's authors conclude that it might be best to have a mix of the two: sunny areas for socializing, and artificially lit areas for getting work done.