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The Daily

Bill Allowing IRS to Share Tax Information on Missing Children Clears House

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
May 16, 2016
irs-small-3The House passed a bill that would allow the IRS to share information with law enforcement that could help find missing children, according to Accounting Today. The bill, the Recovering Missing Children Act, would allow "the head of any Federal agency, or his designee, may disclose any return or return information... to officers and employees of any State or local law enforcement agency" in the case of an investigation pertaining to a missing or exploited child, according to the proposal's text. The bill says this would only be allowed if the law enforcement agency is part of a team with the federal agency in the investigation and the information id disclosed only to those who are directly involved in the investigation. The bill also says that the information can only be used for locating the missing child, in a grand jury proceeding, or for any preliminary work that may result in a judicial or administrative proceeding. The House passed bill with a voice vote without objection. It has now been referred to the Senate Finance Committee.