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The Daily

40 Percent of Swiss Voters Support Measure to Give Everyone $2500 a Month

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
May 25, 2016
swiss-flagSwitzerland is set to vote on a national referendum in June that, if passed, would give every single adult in Switzerland $2,500 a month untaxed and with no strings attached, according to CNN Money. The measure is unlikely to pass, as polls show only 40 percent approval for the referendum, but considering that is almost half of all voters in the country, the support shows this is not exactly a fringe issue in Switzerland. Further, support has grown over the past month, as previous polling found those in favor to number only about 24 percent. 

It is not only Switzerland that has seen growing support for the idea that the current welfare systems should be replaced with just giving everyone in the country a monthly stipend. A recent opinion poll of 10,000 people across Europe's 28 countries found that 64 percent would support an unconditional basic income. This could explain recent pilot projects being undertaken in countries like Finland and The Netherlands.