• New NYSSCPA Business Exit and Succession Planning Committee Completes the ‘Planning Circle’

    Allison Schiff
    Mar 24, 2011
    When it comes to helping a business owner profitably leave his or her business, “there is nobody who could do it better than a CPA,” said Keith Lazarus, chair of the NYSSCPA’s new Business Exit and Succession Planning Committee.

    The new committee, which was approved by the NYSSCPA Executive Committee in February, will hold its first meeting on April 22.

    “This is a discipline whose time has come -- especially now that the baby boomer generation will begin leaving their businesses in a few years -- and we as CPAs should be there to help them,” said Lazarus. 

    The purpose of the new committee and the impetus behind its formation, according to Lazarus, is to assist business-owning clients through “the biggest decision they will ever make” and to help CPAs in creating a roadmap that allows their clients to achieve their specific retirement objectives.
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