New Generation of Ransomeware Promises to Leak, Not Destroy, Data

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Nov 21, 2016

Security experts over the past few months have discovered a new trend in malware. While many malicious programs will threaten to destroy your data if you don't pay a ransom to its controllers, a recent crop of new programs instead threatens to spread that data far and wide, according to FastCompany. This gets around measures currently advocated by cybersecurity experts, who have been operating under the assumption that such a program would destroy data or lock users out. Things such as making backup copies of important files become less relevant when the threat is to instead leak sensitive private information, ranging from financial or medical data to, perhaps, explicit photographs. Under this paradigm, preparation and protection needs to center more on isolating sensitive information from standard channels to prevent anyone from accessing it in the first place. While this tactic is very new, security experts predict we will its use grow over the next year, particularly when it comes to mobile phones, which may be a treasure trove of information people don't want anyone to know. 

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