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Tax Stringer Submission Guidelines

TaxStringer is the NYSSCPA’s online publication containing articles and commentaries related to numerous taxation topics, many written by members who are experts in their field or noteworthy specialists in taxation. It is designed for members, practitioners and other financial professionals, and also includes recent tax updates, news and information about upcoming committee meetings, continuing professional education (CPE) and members who have been influential in the profession. TaxStringer is a monthly newsletter delivered straight to members’ inboxes and also available online. If you are an NYSSCPA member and would like to subscribe to the TaxStringer, please e-mail

The format of TaxStringer accepts the following types of submissions:

-- Articles on general tax interest topics that include analysis or review, with a neutral tone and attribution of all facts and statistics.

-- Articles on specific tax topics that include analysis or review, with a neutral tone and attribution of all facts and statistics.

-- “Tax Compass” editorial pieces that express an opinion or point of view, with attribution of all facts and statistics.

The following key guidelines should be kept in mind:

-- Authors should address a readership of NYSSCPA members and accounting and financial professionals with a basic understanding of the taxation topic. Articles should not presume certain backgrounds or mindsets in readers.

-- Articles are encouraged to range from 600 to 2000 words. Authors may submit articles longer than 2000 words, but note that they will be edited for length by the editorial staff.

-- Articles should not include endnotes, footnotes or a “works cited” section. All cited material should be included as URLs, hyperlinks or direct references within the article (in cases when hyperlinks are not available).

-- As much as possible, authors should reference official online sources, such as the IRS and SEC. Note that IRC material is available through Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute.

-- In cases where foreign currency is used, dollar conversions should be provided. These do not have to be up-to-the-minute rates, as long as they are consistent throughout the article.

To read previously published articles that may be used as guides when organizing and writing a submission for TaxStringer, please visit the Latest Articles section on the TaxStringer homepage.

Articles on general topics:

Articles on specific topics:

Tax Compass articles:

Submission Procedure

  • Authors should submit manuscripts electronically to Manager, Committees & Technical Resources, Keith Lazarus. Only documents in Microsoft Word (Windows or Mac versions) will be accepted.
  • It is important for the authors to include contact information with their submission (and a notice of whether this information can be shared with readers in the author’s biography), as well as a brief biographical statement. This statement should provide readers with relevant information about the author, including job titles, degrees and committee membership.
  • Articles should be submitted to TaxStringer on an exclusive basis. If articles have been previously published or submitted elsewhere, we must have written permission from the original publisher before we will consider the piece.

Editorial Process

  • Once an article has been accepted for TaxStringer, authors will receive the NYSSCPA copyright form by e-mail for internet publication, as well as derivative works.
  • The author will also receive an e-mail from the editors with a revised version of the article. The article will be edited to conform to the TaxStringer style manual, as well as for language, structure and comprehensiveness.
  • At this time, the author can review the revised article for correctness of technical information and alert the editors to any errors in technical material.

Reprint Requests

  • If an author wishes to repost a published article on his or her website or firm website, the following copyright notice must be included with publication, as well as a link to the TaxStringer website: This article originally appeared in the (Month) (Year) Tax Stringer, copyright (Year), and is reprinted with permission from the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants.
  • For all other reprint requests, please contact Manager, Committees & Technical Resources, Keith Lazarus.

If you have any questions about the TaxStringer submission procedure, editorial process or style guidelines, please contact Manager, Committees & Technical Resources, Keith Lazarus.

Views expressed in articles published in Tax Stringer are the authors' only and are not to be attributed to the publication, its editors, the NYSSCPA or FAE, or their directors, officers, or employees, unless expressly so stated. Articles contain information believed by the authors to be accurate, but the publisher, editors and authors are not engaged in redering legal, accounting or other professional services. If specific professional advice or assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.