5 Years of TaxStringer Stats

TaxStringer Staff
Published Date:
Sep 30, 2015

Thank you, our readers, for your ongoing interest in the TaxStringer and contributing to its five years of success.

We thought we would provide you with some interesting statistics from the five-year history (October 2010-September 2015) of the TaxStringer.

Number of Issues: 60
Number of Articles: 246
Number of different contributors: 192
Number of subscribers: Approximately 12,000

Top 5 most popular issues:

December 2014

Featuring “Gaied Decision: Upon Video Review, Case Closed,” by Timothy P. Noonan and Joshua K. Lawrence

October 2014

Featuring “Three Common Problems in Handling a New York Residency Audit,” by Mark S. Klein

March 2014

Featuring “Feared PFIC Regs Get New Twist,” by Lisa S. Goldman and Thomas V. Ruta

May 2012

Featuring “Estate and Tax Planning for Same-Sex Spouses in New York,” by Gordon P. Stone and Annie L. Mehlman

February 2014

Featuring “Special Report: Important New York Initiatives to Fight Tax Fraud- New York is Watching: The Data-Driven Revolution,” by Mark S. Klein and Ariele R. Doolittle

Top Contributors and the number of articles they have written:

Kevin Matz- 16
Brian Gordon- 10
Sidney Kess- 6
G. Dean Goodwin- 5
Stewart Berger- 5
Timothy Noonan- 5
Daniel G. Mazzola- 4
Edward Mendlowitz- 4
Chad L. Reyes- 4
Jack Trachtenberg- 4

We thank them and all of our contributors for helping to make the TaxStringer a premier tax publication.

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