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Member Recruitment


All members play a role in the recruiting process. Members are encouraged to refer nonmembers to the NYSSCPA website where they can apply online or provide contact information to NYSSCPA staff for follow-up. A proactive approach at the Chapter level can make a significant difference in the overall success of the Society’s recruiting efforts. Why not make a pitch for membership at every event?

The following ideas are designed to provide your Chapter with some tools and ideas to help grow chapter membership.

Establish an Active Membership Committee

An active membership committee is the chapter’s focal point for future growth. Members of the committee will work with the Society staff to identify and communicate with potential new members, and encourage them to join the Society and become involved in Chapter events.

The membership committee will help the Chapter leadership track member statistics and recruitment efforts. Committee members will promote membership during events by encouraging all members to talk to their co-workers, peers, and friends about joining the Society.

Please inform the Society’s membership recruitment staff when you have identified your membership committee members by contacting Lauren Biggers at 212- 719-8327, or lbiggers@nysscpa.org.

Reach Out to New Members

After the NYSSCPA Board of Directors or Executive Committee approves the membership roster, the Society Membership Department will send each Chapter a list of new members. Chapter presidents and the membership committee should immediately reach out to new members by phone or e-mail with a welcome message and Chapter officer, Chapter committee, and Chapter events information. Chapter officers may also wish to invite these new members to attend a Chapter function for free. During the event, take a moment to seek them out to welcome them.

Quickly engaging new members is important for the future of your Chapter because active members will retain their membership and recruit new members.

Collect Nonmember Information at Events/Membership Kits

Nonmembers who attend Chapter events are potential members, so please be sure to collect some basic information and determine if they are interested in membership. We can send new member packets (which include applications) and giveaways to assist with your recruitment efforts. Use these marketing items to promote membership at event sign-in. Sign-in sheets are also an effective way to capture information. After the event, you can send the information collected to Lauren Biggers
 at lbiggers@nysscpa.org, or contact her at 212-719-8327. If you need applications, you can contact Ms. Biggers to the following link and print them out:


We can assist with on-site recruitment when possible.

Focus on Firms

Per NYSSCPA bylaws, every professional employee at a CPA firm is eligible to become a member of the Society. NYSSCPA membership staff will arrange firm visits to recruit new members, meeting with firm employees to talk about the benefits of membership, answering questions, and encouraging firm employees to become active in the Chapter. Chapter leaders can help by attending firm visits along with Society staff to talk to the firm’s accounting professionals about how the NYSSCPA community has had a positive impact on their careers. Please pass along any suggestions for firm visits, or the names of volunteers who would like to participate, to Lauren Biggers at 212- 719-8327, or lbiggers@nysscpa.org.

Focus on Industry

The new accountancy law means that the NYSSCPA can achieve a new relevancy to CPAs in Industry. The Chapter should make a concerted effort to offer relevant CPE for their members in Industry. All Chapters should establish a CPAs in Industry Committee. NYSSCPA staff can provide contact information for CPA members in the Chapter working in Industry. A special effort should be made to reach out to nonmember Industry CPAs.

As with firms, NYSSCPA membership staff are happy to make visits to large Industry employers in your Chapter to talk about the benefits of membership, answer questions, and encourage Industry employees to become active in the Chapter. Please pass along any leads or suggestions to Lauren Biggers at 212- 719-8327, or lbiggers@nysscpa.org.

Invite Nonmembers to an Event

If you would like to invite nonmembers to an event, particularly those who are eligible for membership, Society staff can assist you. The Society maintains a database of members whose membership has lapsed and nonmembers who have attended Chapter or FAE CPE events, which staff can tap in order to extend invitations to your event. Contact Lauren Biggers at 212- 719-8327, or lbiggers@nysscpa.org
, and be sure to mention that you would like to invite local nonmembers.

Engage Students

Today’s high school and college students are tomorrow’s leaders. Meet with high school students to discuss the benefits of a career in the accounting profession.

Visit local college campuses to talk to students about the importance of joining as a student member. Student members have deeply discounted dues rate and receive all of the full benefits of membership. Being a student member of the NYSSCPA could possibly create an advantage in their job search due to the number of networking opportunities that are available. To coordinate events or marketing efforts designed to better recruit, retain, and engage student members of the Society, contact Stephanie Doctor, NextGen Program Administrator, at sdoctor@nysscpa.org.

In General

Lauren Biggers  can assist you with new member information, firm visits, lists of members and nonmembers, and general outreach efforts. Feel free to contact her at 212-719-8327 or lbiggers@nysscpa.org