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Procedures for Scheduling & Administering Programs


Chapters that wish to develop presentations longer than 2½ hours (3 CPE credits) must decide whether to have their program administered by FAE for an administrative fee of $5,500 or by the Chapter for an administrative fee of $1,600. If the Chapter chooses to administer the program, it must assume the primary responsibility for program development, promotion, on-site registration, and facility and financial arrangements. FAE will retain the responsibility for all CPE compliance and recording procedures.

Creation and Implementation of Chapter Conferences

FAE staff must provide the baseline administrative services for all Chapter Conferences. Expanded services may be performed by either the Chapter or FAE (for an additional fee)

Baseline Services

A. Identify Program

1. Date
2. Time
3. Location

B. Create Unique Course Identification Number (Course Code)

1. Content Review¬¬–General Categorization
2. Evaluation of Program–does event (all or some part) qualify for CPE Credit
3. Assess CPE validity in terms of content and also State-mandated required 50–minute segments

C. Technical Content (speaker) for CPE

1. Topics and descriptions
2. Do they qualify for CPE credit

D. Acquire the following services (assign or split tasks within Chapter)

1. Speakers
2. Venue
3. Event Administrator

E. Registration

1. Create Event on APTIFY system with required program details
2. Process Attendees
3. Generate Confirmation Cards
4. Mail Confirmation Cards to registrants

F. Staff Event Administration

1. Prepare Final Attendance Roster
2. Print Evaluations
3. Print CPE Credit Slips
4. Print Guest List
5. Print Speaker Badges

G. Material (Manual)

1. Review material for content
2. Retain one copy for CPE documentation (files)

H. Post-Event Processing

1. Adjustments on APTIFY (Walk-ins, “Said Paids”, Substitutes, & No Shows)
2. Scan Program Evaluations
3. Enter Program and Speaker Ratings on APTIFY
4. Prepare Final Registration Reconciliation
5. Run all Final Program Reports
6. File Final Reports copies and distribute any outside as needed
7. Prepare and send bills for those who did not already pay

I. Other Baseline Activities

1. Negotiate Terms of Contract (Sales Tax Exempt & Liability) and mail Certificate of Insurance
2. Secure Course Materials (originals) and review submitted material for technical content and copyright issues
3. Cull Targeted Audience from APTIFY (Chapter mailing list), determine quantity, and print labels
4. Ad/Sell (Marketing) copy for The Trusted Professional and set up website links
5. Print all rosters, discussion leader forms, and CPE credit slips and send to venue
6. Pack and ship brochures for other area events and Society publications (TP and CPAJ)

Expanded services

The list of services in Part II can be performed by the Chapter or the NYSSCPA. 

*(Please note that if these tasks are performed by the NYSSCPA, there will be an additional charge of $3,900. The total cost to the Chapter for NYSSCPA staff providing the administrative services listed in Parts I and II is $5,500.)

A.   Venue

  1.  Estimate size of audience – special needs
  2. Research possible venues
  3. Contact venue and specify needs
  4. Process required deposit or credit card and mail contract
  5. Final set-up; give guarantees for audiovisual equipment and food and  beverages
  6. Determine “Hotel Contact” to receive shipment
  7. Receive, review, sign off, and process invoice for payment

B. Speakers

1. Research population of possible speakers and invite based on expertise
2. Collect or write biography, topic, and topic description
3. Negotiate fee (if any)
4. Compose confirmation letter and mail
5. Arrange travel, overnight accommodations, and audiovisual needs
6. Outreach and final confirmation of speakers
7. Meet and greet on-site and distribute speaker packet and gifts
8. Process expense report and fee (if any)
9. Send thank-you letter
10. Distribute Conference Evaluation Rating

C. Material (Conference Manual)

1. Provide speaker with deadline for material and follow-up
2. Coordinate with Customer Service to determine quantity of manuals to reproduce
3. Submit for reproduction and binding
4. Ship to contact at venue
5. Confirm delivery at venue
6. Reserve copy for files

D. Marketing/Production

1. Determine brochure format and specifications
2. Lay out conference program (topics, descriptions, speakers’ names, credentials, firm affiliation, bio, program details, location, registration panel, etc.)
3. Submit brochure to printer with mailing list and quantity
4. Compose e-mail
5. Follow-up letter or e-mail reminders

E. Event Administration

1. Prepare event signage and ship to venue
2. Prepare lunch tickets and ship to venue
3. Arrange and be alert for onsite special meal requests
4. Ship manuals, handouts, upcoming conference brochures, CPE catalogs, and meeting supplies to conference site

F. Day of Event

1. Arrive 2 hours early at site to ensure room set-up, lobby signage, etc.
2. Locate hotel contact for food and beverage set-up as shown on BEO, and supply any manual boxes
3. Prepare attendee packet on-site for registration and check-in
4. Lay out attendee name badges and other handout and display material, and prepare check-in area
5. Greet and process attendees and distribute manual, CPE credit slips, and evaluations, etc.
6. Verify attendee pre-registrations status, or register attendee onsite
7. Greet speakers and conference chairs
8. Check on luncheon room set-up and ensure correct count and layout
9. If any, check on audiovisual setup for luncheon speaker
10. Check on morning and afternoon breaks and food and beverage count
11. Verify hotel charges and sign off on bills
12. Troubleshoot the day’s event (attendees’ requests and speakers’ needs with hotel)
13. Gather remaining materials and handouts, collect CPE slips and evaluations, and pack box for shipment to office

G. Miscellaneous

1. Gather maps and directions to send to prospective attendees


  • CPE Scheduling Form must be submitted prior to scheduling a program. All program dates must be approved by your Chapter relations coordinator to avoid conflicts with special Society and Foundation events.


  • Program topics and speaker biographical information must be submitted 3 months prior to the program.


  • Outlines/Manual must be submitted 5 weeks prior to the program.


  • Rosters, Evaluations, CPE slips, and a copy of all program expenses must be on file with the society no later than 2 weeks after the program has taken place.


For Chapter programs of 3 CPE credits or less, the Chapter, using the appropriate documentation and evaluation forms as supplied by the Foundation, will administer the programs.  Within 6-4 weeks of the presentation, the Development Standard form must be completed and returned to the Foundation office.  Topics must be approved prior to promotion to assure compliance with CPE regulations.

Chapter Responsibilities


  • To select topics which will meet the needs of the membership by supplementing the overall Society curriculum.
  • To enlist an author to prepare the program design and content.
  • To complete the Development Standards Form before publicizing the course and send it to FAE for approval.
  • To conduct a technical review of the program.
  • To comply with all CPE standards.


  • To select program date for presentation after noting special Society and FAE events and courses.
  • To contact and confirm speaker arrangements.
  • To promote the event.
  • To set a registration fee within the guidelines set by the Society.
  • To make necessary facility arrangements.
  • To duplicate necessary material for the program.
  • To handle the registration process for the presentation using FAE sign-in sheet/roster.
  • To make all payments related to the presentation.
  • To provide on-site coordination for the program.
  • To distribute CPE Certificates forms to attendees.
  • To distribute and collect evaluation forms from attendees.


  • To complete necessary attendance records.
  • To complete Technical Review Form and forward the required documentation with registration fees within 2 weeks of the program date to the Society office.

Chapters should not publicize courses that do not have course code numbers.                          

FAE Responsibilities


  • To provide the Chapter with possible topics and speakers, and suggest topic areas to develop.
  • To continuously provide the Chapter with a schedule of planned Society and Foundation events.
  • To review and approve the Development Standards Form to insure compliance with AICPA Standards and New York State regulations, and to assign course code number.


  • To provide masters of the required certificate, evaluation, and roster forms for duplication by the Chapter.
  • To process evaluation forms and provide results to the Chapter CPE Chairman.


  • To store and maintain course records, and respond to participant or state inquiries regarding attendance or program content.

Timetable for Chapter-Administered Programs

Committees within the Chapter will develop most Chapter-Administered Programs. In order to comply with the quality-control standards and the requirements of mandatory education, the following timetable is recommended.

3 months prior: Submit CPE Scheduling Form for Chapter Programs Over 3 CPE CreditsForm to the Foundation for review and approval. Course may not be promoted to the membership until the Form is returned to the Manager of Chapter CPE with the topic approved for CPE credit and an assigned course code number.

1 month prior: Confirm all logistical arrangements.     

Arrange for promotion of the event.  Promotion is received by members.        

Materials are developed and produced. Registration process begins.